Tips On How To Choose The Right Raclette Grill

Today there are several types of Raclettes to pick from. Below is a bit of information on the different types available on the market as well as explore why the different models usually match up to certain circumstances.

• The Basic Model

Raclettes require some type of heat source. This usually comes in the form of a chemical or electrical space that warms sauces or melts the cheese along with a cooking surface. With these basics in mind, the first recommendation would be the Andrew James Traditional Raclette. The Raclette grill has a cooking area of 30cm X 42cm, which is sufficient space to cook for 2 to 4 people. This basic grill offers good value for the money you spend and ideal for those who would like to experiment with “racletting” without a hefty financial commitment.

• The Standard Model

If you would like to experience a full-raclette experience, you need to cook on a surface made out of stone. The reason for this is stone like granite is able to reach the temperatures that allow for a way to “sear” your meat which locks in the flavor. The recommendation for a standard model would include the Andrew James Rustic Stone Raclette.

• The Party Model

The basic and the standard models are ideal if you are only planning for 2 to 4 people. If you would like to start entertaining with your Raclette grill, there are a variety of more versatile and bigger raclettes available. As you might expect the price also increases with these model types. One of the top recommendations for a party model included the Severin Raclette Party Grill. This grill offers 2 cooking surfaces. The first is the standard-stone surface and the other side is a 2-in-1. On the 1 side, it features the griddle pan ideal for cooking fish and meat. On the other side is a versatile and useful crepe pan. This model is very easy to put together as well as to clean. The cooking surfaces measure 49cm X 25cm offering more than enough space to accommodate multiple guests.

• The Advanced Model

Once you are skilled in using Raclettes, you might want to move onto larger surfaces that accommodate more guests and deeper pans that offer more flexibility or other useful features like integral-fondue attachments. Currently, there are only a few of these models available and one of the favorites includes the Vonshef 12 Person Raclette Grill with 6 Fork Fondue Set. This Raclette has a cooking surface that caters for around 12 people along with 12 pans. Unique to the other types of Raclette grills, this model has combined a fondue set and grill, so you are able to achieve the most out of your dinner party experiences. You can use the fondue pan which is a replacement to the grill which works well with cheese, stock, oil and chocolate fondues. This is the type of model that offers a number of features and ideal for those who love to entertain.

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